Getting Women Into Work

The Succeeding Together project is a mutual support and development project for women who are thinking of establishing their business or moving back into the workplace.

Succeeding Together will target women living across Greater Lincolnshire who have had families or other caring responsibilities and who have found it hard to return to the workplace due to financial, geographical or child care issues.

Succeeding Together will develop supportive peer groups based on shared geographies and shared aspirations. The groups will empower women furthest from the labour market, helping them to move successfully into employment or self-employment.

Succeeding Together will connect economically inactive women with the advice, support, networks and opportunities they need based on a mutually agreed self-development plan.

Succeeding Together will support at least 30 economically inactive women into the world of work.

The key messages of the project are:

  • Women just like you are going back to work or setting up business up and down the country
  • We know that child care, transport and lack of digital skills might be holding you back now, but we can help to address these issues
  • There are plenty of women like you who want to share their experiences and encourage you to succeed, our project will help you to connect with them
  • There is plenty of support out there and we can help you find it
  • This project is only possible because of European Union European Social Fund and Big Lottery funding

Marketing and Recruitment

The project will be run over three years and will target economically inactive women in six areas – North Kesteven, Lincoln, North East Lincolnshire, South Kesteven, East Lindsey and South Holland.

Members for each group will be identified through a social media and press campaign using Facebook, Twitter, school newsletters and local papers. The project will recruit on a first come first served basis and a waiting list will be formed prior to eligibility checking. No one will be formally admitted to the project until eligibility has been verified.


You will be deemed to be eligible to take part in the project if:

  • Your circumstances fall within the scope of the project outline
  • You are legally resident in the UK and able to take paid employment in European Union member states
  • You are unemployed or economically inactive.

We will conduct an initial eligibility check over the phone to establish whether you are looking for work or economically inactive. If it appears that you are eligible then you will be put on the waiting list for the next available local group.

At the first group session you will be asked to bring eligibility and employment status evidence for us to copy. Once we have received this evidence you will be formally admitted to the project.  At the first session we will also ask you to consider whether you are interested in finding work or developing a business idea. Following on from this the group will be streamed so that at each subsequent session you will also benefit from targeted support and advice.

Support for Participants

If you require practical support to enable you to take part in the project we will make an assessment of the help you need and then support you to access appropriate services using the project resources. This includes contacts and information for childcare providers, public transport, carers’ support, benefits advice etc. The project can also provide discretionary payments of up to £50 towards these eligible costs.

Marketing will be geographically targeted so no-one should have to wait longer than 6-8 weeks to start with the project. Each group will have a maximum of 12 participants to ensure that it is interactive and supportive. The project is designed to encourage women to support each other on their journey into employment or self-employment long after their direct engagement with the project has ended.

The practical support that the project will offer includes:

  • Five monthly developmental sessions per group
  • Use of the online My Work Search tool
  • Referrals to women’s business networks such as WiRE
  • Access to webinars and other relevant online support
  • Introductions to business advice services such as Business Lincolnshire, NBV and the Princes Trust
  • Membership of a restricted Facebook group
  • Referral to other MOVE partner support offers as appropriate

Succeeding Together Group Sessions

The sessions will run from 10am -12.30pm to allow for school runs and other caring responsibilities. You will be encouraged to bring your own lap tops or tablets so that you can practice and learn on your own equipment making the transition to home practicing much easier.  Don’t worry if you don’t have your own equipment as there will be some available for shared practice at each session.

Venues will be chosen that are central to the targeted geography and that provide a suitable learning environment, ideally with access to WiFi. If this is not possible we will provide 3G dongles.

Each monthly session will incorporate the opportunity to:

  • Network with other women in similar situations
  • Learn informally from each other
  • Develop digital skills
  • Develop key business and personal skills
  • Develop your confidence
  • Reflect on progress to date and plan for the future

What is Community Lincs?

Community Lincs is a charity and company limited by guarantee.  We help Lincolnshire people to achieve more and improve their circumstances through:

  • Targeted project support;
  • Technical, governance and legal advice
  • Training;
  • and through the provision of consultancy services.

This may be at a personal level through such things as our community oil buying group, where individuals save money on their fuel bills by allowing us to buy on their behalf. The beauty of this scheme is that those who cannot negotiate a better price for themselves benefit from our collective negotiating even if they only want a little bit of oil. The cheaper price they subsequently get helps them to make their money go further, a form of personal control over their lives.

We also work at a group level, helping community and voluntary groups to run more effectively, by advising the people who set them up and manage them to operate within the law (think health and safety, insurance, child protection etc.) and to plan for their future (feasibility studies, community consultation, funding applications). This allows them to run groups and services that they need and want in a way that suits them, rather than waiting for someone else to (potentially) provide services for them.

Our services are also aimed at whole communities. Through our community and neighbourhood planning services we help people to identify their priorities for future building development and service delivery (both by themselves and by public bodies). We help them to be heard by ‘The Powers that be’ and to influence the decisions that will affect their lives and those of their children, by gathering evidence of  community views and connecting them with the right people in public life. Helping communities to find a voice within the planning and service commissioning systems enables them to have a much greater impact than a few lone voices would have.

At a business level we provide practical support to small businesses and social enterprises through our admin and finance offers, our web design and consultancy services and our group buying programme. We are keenly aware that small businesses form the bedrock of rural communities not only through local employment but in the many ways that they support local community activity. By providing these business support services we help them to concentrate on their day job – getting more customers and delivering their services. From solicitors to training agencies we have found a way to help them all take back control of their working day.

Who’s Who – Behind The Scenes At Succeeding Together

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